January 2018 Report to Members

The January board meeting was filled with reports and updates on all work being accomplished. The holidays were a bit slow with progress—I think everyone took a break knowing the new year would bring new opportunities and a desire to get things moving. It was good to rest a bit.





– Homes demolished on the Island to date: 62

– Efforts to clean up abandoned properties are in progress

– Changes to Deed Restrictions are in progress

– Street Lighting repairs underway

– FORTIFIED Home program is voluntary for homeowners

– FEMA last pass for debris removal begins February 12

– Trash Bins can be ordered by calling the City: 361-729-2213 ext. 234

– Annual Meeting and Picnic to be held February 24th at 10:00 a.m.



It is sad to report that we have 62 homes demolished, and we’ve inventoried approximately 37 more that could be candidates. The total will depend on many circumstances including insurance settlements and elevation issues. Our hearts go out to our owners who’ve had to make that determination. If you or someone you know are struggling with cleaning up or demolishing their property, please have then reach out to me and we will do anything possible to help out.



We sent letters to owners this week who have not taken an effort to clean their property since the storm. This first letter needed to be a bit neighborly before we start cracking down on offenders who appear to have abandoned their property. We have been taking inventory of homes that are in certain levels of disrepair and are monitoring closely. Please know we will work with those owners in a compassionate yet firm way to help move us forward.


Design Code and Deed Restriction Changes

As you all may know, City of Rockport and FEMA first floor elevations have changed on Key Allegro and are requiring our building height restrictions to be raised. We have engaged Mark Schnell of Schnell Urban Design as our design lead to develop a Design Code which will guide these changes. Mark’s holistic approach to sustainable development and resilient design codes have made towns along the Texas coast sought-after communities. Our goal is to have the plan completed by the end of February.


Public Realm Plan (Common Areas)

Schnell Urban Design is also our design lead on creating a detailed master plan for the Island’s common area restoration. The scope of work will include our entrance parks, Blue Heron park, Bay Shore beach and point, numerous major traffic and minor traffic islands throughout the community and the Allegro House and pool areas. We will be hosting community-wide meetings for owner input in the coming months.



Street lights are being repaired. We are working with AEP and the City of Rockport on new lighting and seeking funding alternatives. Our goal is to match the lighting chosen for the bridge remodel.



We have collected approximately 60% of the special damage assessment to date. All Assessment payments are due by September 30, 2018. You can review the latest Financials on the website.


Final FEMA Debris Cleanup

City-wide last pass FEMA cleanup will start on February 12th at Holiday Beach and move south. Once we have a better idea of when they will be on KA, we will let everyone know. Please note construction debris or concrete will not be picked up—these must be hauled off by the owner of the property.


Trash Bins

You can call the City at 361-729-2213 ext. 234 and order a new trash bin or have one repaired. They even deliver!


Annual Meeting to be Held Saturday, February 24 at 10:00 a.m.

We want to invite all of our owners to the KACPOA Annual Homeowners Meeting to be held in the Allegro House. Immediately following the meeting we will host a community picnic for all who can attend. Please RSVP on the home page of the website.



Each day Key Allegro gets a little louder with hammers and construction equipment. It’s a sound of progress. We have much to accomplish, but with your progressive board and management team, and the incredible support of you our owners, we are making great progress.


Together, we will rebuild.


President, KACPOA

Dave Foster
Dave Foster
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