December 2017 Report to Members

At our home during the holidays, we say you have to “Believe to Receive”. No saying could be more appropriate for this time of year and what we all are facing after Harvey. We all have to believe to receive what our Island is going to be in the coming years and for the next generations of Islanders. The board and I could not be more positive about our future. Of course, it’s going to be a lot of work. But we know anything can be accomplished when you have 800+ homeowners on your side. Sure, not everyone is in agreement with everything we’re doing, but we know everyone wants Key Allegro to come back stronger than it was before.


This is the first of my monthly reports replacing the previous weeklies. These will come out after each monthly Board meeting.


Key Items

– Canals and Little Bay are going to be cleaned up using public funds.

– Special Assessments are due December 31, 2017 (either full payment or the first 25% installment).

– Owners are encouraged to get an island sticker for their vehicles. See Chris or Parkie at the Allegro House, call (361) 557-4252 or email Chris at

– The Island is now open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. to all traffic. The checkpoint is manned from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. We have cameras recording 24×7.

– Please ask your neighbors and friends who own property on the island to sign up for this email blast on the homepage.



Great news. We finally have answers on cleaning up submerged debris in canals. After numerous meetings with every governmental agency imaginable, we finally got the message across that our canals and Little Bay must be cleaned up using public funds. In searching for previous cleanup efforts, we found a video where FEMA paid for and cleaned up Tiki Island after Hurricane Ike. Tiki Island, across from Galveston, could not be more similar to KA than any other development on the Texas coast. Armed with this proof of “precedent” and other stats, Aransas County and the City went to work arguing for our benefit. And they were successful. Agreements between FEMA, Rebuild Texas and the County are being written now. We owe a debt of gratitude to Judge Mills, Mike Koerner, and Mayor Wax and their respective teams.


Aransas County Update

Mike Koerner, Aransas County Director of Long Term Recovery, attended our December board meeting to give us an update of County-wide rebuilding efforts. Here are the highlights of his speech:

– Estimates that recovery for our area will be a 5-7 year process.

– Presented the Board with news that the canals and Little Bay will be cleaned up under the “Private Property Removal Program” from FEMA. FEMA has agreed to cover 90% of the cost and the State of Texas will pay the remaining 10%.

– FEMA has made two debris removal passes through Key Allegro. We will have several weeks’ notice before FEMA does the final removal.  Homeowners on Key Allegro should cut up destroyed trees on their property into manageable pieces and push them to the street for pickup.

– If someone needs help with yard cleanup, they can go to the Volunteer Resource Center at First Baptist Church, 1515 N. Live Oak, Rockport. Information is also available on line at

– The Coastal Bend Disaster Recovery Group has taken in $1.2 million in donations and will give assistance to people who have unmet needs.

– George Strait helped raise $40 million for the Recovery. These funds were given to the Dell Foundation to administer the distribution. The Sid Richardson Foundation has donated funds to rebuild all the baseball/softball fields in the area.



We are on pace collecting the Special Assessment. If you did not receive your statement in the mail, please let us know. Special Assessments can be paid at the Allegro House, on the homepage, by mail, or at the office of Johnson & Creekmore, CPA. Thank you to all those who have already paid their Assessment.

November financial reports are available on the website.



The original 24-hour security check point has been replaced. During the day, the road is open to all traffic, and at night there is a security guard stationed from 7 p.m. – 7 a.m. The trailer is outfitted with cameras to capture all traffic entering and exiting the Island.


Fortified Home

The program is voluntary for homeowners who want to build back stronger until we work out some kinks. We had a good turnout at the presentations to homeowners, over 60 individuals attended the contractor session, and 35 Inspectors attended the Fortified Evaluator training. We are running several test projects to learn how to manage issues like contractor surge pricing, Evaluator engagement and costs, and owner questions.



We are in the early stages of planning the rebuild and prioritizing initiatives, the first of which is re-lighting the island. We are working with AEP and the City to get things moving. Our desire is to replicate the lights chosen for the bridge remodel.


Allegro House

We are in the 50% repair cost rule with the Allegro House and are studying our options. We did an elevation certificate this last week. Elevation is 5’-9” above MSL.



All of us on the board and the management team want to wish each and every one of our homeowners a very happy holiday season. The last sixteen weeks have flown by, and I’m sure the next few years will be a blur as we recover together. Always remember to believe, and…


Together, we will rebuild. 



President, KACPOA

Photo: Bay Shore marble bench.


Dave Foster
Dave Foster
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